Governments and Institutions

Personal Fiduciary Standards International is on a global mission to create the gold standard for guiding individuals appointed to a fiduciary role through the Personal Fiduciary Certificate (PFC)

The course is initially being offered in twelve languages, making up over 62% of the global population and more than 74% of internet users worldwide.

Providing individuals with the guiding principles of fiduciary roles, and the limitations of authority granted, fosters an environment in which people avoid the perilous mistakes that lead to financial elder abuse. It is a constructive solution to a longstanding and widespread problem.

Just as boating licenses teach safe conduct and how to navigate waterways, the PFC provides a guiding compass to chart a course and mitigate risk. For governments and institutions, a basic course in fiduciary principles is a watershed initiative for the safety of citizens and clients.






How To Participate

While every government and institution will have their own objectives for educating their citizenry and clientele, we recommended promoting 'fiduciary education' through:

Refer – Simply provide information and direction with hyperlink to

Recommend – Provide information and direction along with your support and encouragement.

Require – Protect citizens and clients by ensuring all personal fiduciaries have their certificate before allowing them to endanger themselves and the vulnerable elders for whom they act.

More Information

For more information on how we can work together to make a profound difference in the world, please email